What’s in a name?

What are we going to call Canvas?

This was a question  asked in a recent steering group meeting.  The TEL team had talked once or twice recently about what we should call Canvas, but this was the first time that it had been asked in a more formal forum.

I found the question interesting in that it was almost rhetorical, what are we going to call something that we are already calling by name?

I like the name Canvas, when I think of a canvas I think of a blank canvas waiting to be filled.  I love some of the old Norther Renaissance artists, but those wonderful masterpieces started off life (well mostly, I know some got painted over…) as blank canvases.

I looked on the Canvas Community site (www.community.canvaslms.com) and blow me, if the first question on the page wasn’t about where did the name Canvas come from?  It would appear the name is about the VLE being a blank canvas and that a canvas does its job by displaying the painting, but the not getting in the way of you looking at the painting.  Bit like a VLE should be…

I still like the name Canvas

What do you think?   a.birch@hull.ac.uk

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