How long is feedback and marking kept for in Canvas?

Feedback completed using SpeedGrader (not Grademark) in Canvas, is kept for over 7 years. This was one of the requirements of any VLE vendor when the invitation to tender was put out.

Turnitin Grademark will only guarantee the storage of originality reports and feedback for 180 days which does not comply with the QAA requirements on feedback archiving.

Switching to SpeedGrader

The lack of archiving of feedback and student submissions in Turnitin and Grademark means the TEL team are advocating that people switch to using SpeedGrader at the earliest opportunity and stop using Grademark for marking and feedback.

Feature-rich feedback

In addition to this, SpeedGrader allows for multiple markers, unlimited audio feedback, the addition of video feedback and better document mark up for feedback. All good reasons to make the switch.

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