How do I handle late submissions in Canvas?

Canvas Workflows: In order of preference.

  • Academics have to wait until the “available until” date has passed and the assignment is closed. This guarantees that there will be no more submissions, This will be 1 week after the due date of the assignment as per the late submission rules, unless teams wish to bring that forward?
  1. Impact of this is that marking cannot start until 1 week after the due date.
  2. Positive impact: All students have the same opportunities to submit for assessment and there is one single assessment opportunity set up
  3. Better for administrators

  • Academics start marking all submitted work 24 hours after the due date has passed. After 24 hours any work the student submits can only receive a 40% mark. The majority of students do not submit after this date.
  1. The impact of this is that students can still submit after 24 hours and thus will still need marking in a “mop up” process
  2. Canvas allows for this by filtering all submissions in SpeedGrader either chronologically or by the “marked or not” flag for easy access. It should be quite easy to see who has submitted after marking has started.

  • Academics set up assignments to close on their due date and create a separate assignment that opens on the due date but is called “late submissions” or something similar. This way marking can start on the original submissions that were in on or before the due date. All of the students who submit to the “Late assignment” can then be felt with separately. 
  1. This is the least preferable workflow as it creates duplicity.
  2. This option all is not perfect as you either have to add students to the late submission manually or risk that students who have already submitted in the original submission, submit again in the late submission opportunity in error.
  3. This has high overheads for both administrative staff and academic staff who have to create and monitor two assignments for every assessment.
  4. High risk of student submitting to the “on time assignment” AND the “Late submission”.

There is always the potential that s student submits an inferior piece of work as another submission opportunity and would be marked accordingly. However, this HAS to be the responsibility of the student. They choose what work to submit whether that is their best work or not.

We had a similar issue in eBridge that a student might submit an inferior piece of work initially and because eBridge did not allow the student to remove the work and re-submit a different piece, they had to apply to their tutor to get it changed. This could just as easily be done for a student submitting in Canvas in error after the due date or with an inferior piece of work. They would have to ask their tutor for an “extension” which Canvas easily allows for in the assignment.

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