Tutorial booking tool

Letting people know when you are free for a tutorial or meeting can be a nightmare to coordinate. Emails get sent backwards and forwards, people try and use Outlook Calendars and scheduling, but how about a really simple way to let people know when you are available without having to give everyone access to your calendar?

This tool really puts you back in control of your time and meeting management.

The free service offered by www.youcanbook.me is brilliant – it syncs with Calendar on a Mac, provides email notifications for both student and staff, as well as cancellation and reschedule options.

You can add the little icon to your own email signature too so that people can easily see when you are available. Or maybe put it on your VLE Home page, so students can easily see when you are free for a tutorial.

Remember, people can only book slots that you have identified as being available. So you retain control of how many or how few you put out there.

Take a look and get some time back for yourself.

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