TEL project updates: Panopto

Panopto, the tool for recording teaching sessions, is in the final stages of testing with the University Single Sign On (SSO) authentication system. Early adopters of Panopto at the University found that the introduction of SSO over the summer by ICTD affected the use and republishing of Panopto content with users being unable to see the recordings in Canvas pages.

The final stages of testing Panopto in our Beta and Test Canvas environments is due to be completed very soon and we are confident that the software will be working as expected within the Canvas environment.


Behind the scenes, the TEL team are working with the solicitors office, HUU and other stakeholders, on a new policy document to support the roll-out of Panopto in the classrooms. In addition, the TEL team are working on creating supporting documentation and guidance in the use of Panopto for recording your teaching sessions.

We are invested in bringing Panopto to you to support teaching and learning and the enhancements it can bring to the students learning methods.


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