TEL project updates: Canvas

This is the first of our TEL project updates from our team meeting yesterday.


​Module clean up

There are currently over 6000 modules that have been brought in to Canvas which we think are legacy modules and are no longer being used. May of them are not attached to programmes in AIS and therefore are just sitting in the root of our infrastructure with no home to go to.

We are undertaking a massive clear out of these modules at our end and we are chasing up Faculty teams to remove any modules from AIS that they are not actually delivering.

This is no easy task for either the TEL team or the Faculty staff, but it is a necessary one as we should have better data as we move forwards with our new systes like Canvas and SITS.


Permissions clean up

In addition to the tidy up of modules in Canvas, we have begun to devolve permissions from the original “System Admins” who had full access to everything. Good systems management practice means having only a small number of people with full system access and then managing the permissions appropriately for people to allow them the access they need.

The rationale for this is that we should have permission sets for people according to their job role and responsibility level, not necessarily their skill set.


Infrastructure management​

We have now got a successful heirarchy in Canvas which mirrors the new Faculty and School Structure. Canvas now pulls modules into the correct School from AIS when it imports.

To better support administration staff, we can now add administrators and Student Hub teams at Faculty level so that they can “see” all of the courses in their Faculty wihtou having to enrol themselves on every course. This will cut out the problem of people being enrolled in over 100+ courses and experinecing poor Canvas performance issues.

We have put a call out to the Faculties through the ADs for Education for lists of admiinistrative staff who need adding at this level.

If you feel you should have this access, please get in touch with your senior Administrator or AD and request they put your name forwards.


External Examiners

Lastly, we are working closely with the LEAP team, HR and ICTD to ensure that your External Examiners are getting access to Canvas.

Remember, for an EE to get access to Canvas, they
must be registered with HR and on iTrent, AND you
must add them to a module in AIS in an EE role. Only when both conditions are met will the integration pull them in to Canvas with a valid account.

If you require any assistance with this process please email for any technical queries, or for any administrative queries.


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