Send three and fourpence we are going to a dance…

I know some people won’t have a clue what I’m talking about with that title…

There are variations on the story of where ‘send three and fourpence we are going to a dance’ originates.  It was supposed to have been a relayed radio message from the first world war that should have read ‘send reinforcement – we are going to advance’  Three and fourpence was about 19p (yes I am that old that I can work it out having lived with the ‘old’ money until my early teens…) It’s also  played out in the children’s game ‘broken telephone’  where a message starts with one child, gets passed round a circle by being whispered and then you see what it comes out as, often with hilarious results!

I’ve been finding in the project that I’m linking into training needs and analysis, underpinning pedagogies and the technical requirements of the systems, how they talk to each other and integrate with other Uni systems.

it’s like talking three languages at once and yes occasionally things do go wrong (oh and Canvas is US based so occasional emails have things like ‘just reach out to me’ in them – how can I reach out you’re in Utah!  I can email but my short little arms will never reach that far!) so I suppose add American English in there as another language.

What I am learning as the project goes on, is that you need to check, assume nothing and check everything and that sometimes emails just don’t work.  I need to talk, to ask questions that what I think I understand I actually do understand well enough that I can relay the message.

And when I get it goes wrong I buy the biscuits.

Bourbons or custard creams? (with chocolate Hobnobs reserved for when I really get it wrong!)


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