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What is second marking?

Second marking is the process whereby two (or more) markers each undertake a full and complete set of marks and feedback which are recorded against the student work.

Sighted/collaborative second marking

Second marking can be sighted/collaborative where by the marking team see each others feedback and together award an agreed grade to the student. The process is fully collaborative and the markers discuss the work and provide independent feedback.

Both/all markers provide a full set of feedback (not just “I agree with the first markers comments”).

Process in Canvas

Collaborative marking can easily be done by the first marker logging in to Canvas, accessing the assignment submission and providing feedback. Then the second marker logs in to Canvas, accesses the same assignment and overlays their feedback, comments and mark-up on top of the first markers feedback etc.

Collectively they then agree on a grade together and the grade is input in to the box. The feedback must be consistent with the grade awarded and any significant variation on opinion between markers should be resolved before the feedback is entered in to the system and surfaced to the student.

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