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Blind second marking

Blind second marking is the process whereby 2 (or more) markers independently undertake a full and complete set of feedback and grades without sight of the other markers work until the grades and feedback are completed. A comparison exercise is then undertaken within the team to establish the grade and feedback that are given to to the student.

In blind second marking, a significant (>5%) variation in grading would be cause for concern and would normally be brought to the attention of the External Examiner.

Blind second marking is a useful exercise for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) who are in their first year in post. An established lecturer completes a full set of marks and then the NQT also completes a full set of marks unsighted of the first marker. They then compare results and discuss the variations in marking.

Canvas currently has no facility for blind second marking.

This feature request has been made by many in the Canvas community and is high on the list of requirements from UK HEIs using Canvas. This page will be updated when we have more information after the UK Canvas Conference on the 12/10/16


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