Student guide to submitting assignments via Turnitin from 1st February 2017

Submitting an Assignment

  1. Select the module site which has the assignment you need to submit from your Dashboard, or from the list of all courses.
  2. Select the “Assignments” tool.
  3. You will see a list of assignments, past and present. You will also be able to see when assignments are due and the last available dates for submission. If you submit after the due date, you’re submission will be marked as late. 
  4. Click on the assignment you would like to submit, in the case above, the assignment for submission is ‘Kerrie Student LTI’. The following screen will appear. It shows the assignment name and the assignment instructions. If you click on “Summary”, it will show a detailed view of the assignment settings.
  5. Click “Upload Submission” to submit your assignment and the submission window will be visible.
  6. At this point, you can drag and drop your file across to this window. To do this, click on the file name, hold the mouse button down , drag the file across and drop in the box by taking your finger off the mouse button. If you prefer, you can upload the file. To do this, give your submission a title, click “Select a file to upload”, locate your file and click “Continue”.DO NOT put your name or any other identifying mark in the title of the submission as this will compromise any anonymous marking process.
  7. You will see the submission in action as below. Do not do any more at this stage as the file might not upload correctly.
  8. When the submission is ready, you will see the submission screen, giving you the chance to check the document before completing the submission.
  9. If everything is correct, click “Accept Submission & Save”.
  10. The screen above shows the title of my submission and when this was uploaded. There is no grade or originality report for the assignment yet. You can also see the option to re-submit but this will only be active if re-submissions have been allowed, the paper can be downloaded and there is the opportunity to download a digital receipt. The digital receipt will be a .pdf file, which can be saved and shows all the submission details.
  11. Your lecturer will be able to see your assignment submission date and time of upload.
  12. You will be able to see a Turnitin originality report but when this becomes available will depend on the assignment settings. The clock in the above image will show a percentage match, when this is visible click to open the originality report.
  13. You will be able to see the grade given when it has been released by the lecturer. Click Assignments and you will see the grade given underneath the assignment name.
  14. Click on the assignment name to access the submission and click Submission details for a more in-depth view.
  15. The screen shows more information. You can access the originality report by clicking on the Turnitin icon, for this assignment, click on the 53.0% and this will open the report. Click View feedback to see any feedback and to the right you will see any comments made by the lecturer. You can add comments by clicking in the Add a comment box and saving.This concludes the assignment submission process in Canvas.

Below is a short video on the student submission process.

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