eAssessment Overview

In a modern university, eAssessment is an essential part of the management of the assessment process. It streamlines assessment for students, academic staff and administrators and reduces the task of assessment allowing more and improved engagement with the students. It is also meets the expectations of modern students who manage busy lives and need the flexibility that eAssessment can provide.

It is the expectation of the University of Hull that wherever possible, assignments are set up for electronic submission and feedback across all faculties. The TEL team and the information in these pages are available to support you to meet this expectation.

Guide to support materials: Staff

A range of support documentation have been created that describe how to approach the necessary tasks
using the recommended approach. The requirements of eAssessment are that you must use the assignments tool in Canvas for briefing and receiving submissions and for delivering feedback back to the learners via SpeedGrader.

For further information on the University policy on Turnitin, click here.

For information on the assessment regulations on assessment and giving feedback click here.

If you wish to use other approaches than those recommended in the support material then please check with your administration team. If your method is outside of the approaches recommended the TEL team or your administration team may be unable to support you.


Providing timely, effective and meaningful feedback to students is essential to support and help students progress, and is key to the success of curriculum 2016. For further information on the University position on this please see the Quality Manual.

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